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Kodak Endura Metallic Real Photo Paper Email Information you can trust

"Thank you for the sample Endura photos - I received them last week and look forward to ordering some of my own photographs on Endura paper."

M. Cappellotti,  Wyoming


"I received the sample papers from you and love the quality and the beauty it adds to the photo. I plan on having some ordered soon."

J. Sanders,
6th grade science/ reading
Missouri Middle School


Kodak Endura real photo paper (Metallic and E surface) is a media  that is exposed with light and then developed in the classic silver halide process used by professional photo labs worldwide. 

True, photographic media is still far superior to the digital printing process which use inks or other press printing processes.  It's the benchmark by which all photo medias are judged.

Kodak Endura photo prints that appear as brilliant after generations as they do when we brought them home has been the goal since in the invention of color films in the 1930s. With the introduction of color negative films and real photo paper in the early 1940s, pictures became widely displayed items in homes, offices, stores, and elsewhere. People expect those photos to last - with Kodak Endura photos and media, photographers know they will.

In This Day and Age - What is a "Real Photograph"?

The word photograph comes from the Greek words phot, or light and graphia, or writing. A real photograph is exposed with light on light sensitive paper. That's right - light. Photons. Some of the smallest particles in the universe. 

In the case of digital photography, the "light" is formed by Light contained in a Laser light or LED head that "floats" over a light sensitive paper on a bed of warm air. The light exposure excites chemicals on the photographic paper by spraying tiny diamond-shaped patterns on the emulsion. These infinitesimally small diamonds overlap five-fold which, mathematically, results in 425 diamond shapes per square inch. It is this concentration of diamonds created from tiny photons that gives a photograph its unique look, color and depth. Ink doesn't come close.Kodak Endura photo paper media | Check the back for the Kodak Professional Endura watermark

The rest is just science. After "exciting" the chemicals in the paper's emulsion the paper moves through a warm RA4 chemical bath which activates and seals the colors. Because the light exposure head floats over the paper there is no machine vibration to degrade the image. 

The oddest misconception.
"Beware! Prints made from a digital photo will only last 15 years." This claim came from a college campus. The truth is -- Kodak Endura photographs will last between 100 and 200 years before noticeable fading. 

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 "Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. The quality & professionalism you display is hard to come by these days. I have over 5,000 pictures of very good quality, & I am glad I finally found a reputable, trustworthy company."

Janet P.  (Belpre, Ohio)

"Today I'm thankful for HDphoto Lab. I like my pictures on the screen....but LOVE them printed! I actually cried when I saw my last batch of prints!"

June W. (Charleston ,SC)

"I was referred to your site by Rebecca L.  I have been disappointed at last two times I ordered photos (once from Shutterfly & once from Walmart) & I am pleased to have received such great quality photos, as well as quick service.  I will be spreading the word :)."

Sara W. (Kingston,OK)

"...I am extremely impressed with your company. I opened the package.....WOW!!! I was so impressed with the results. I am semi-pro and still taking my classes but building my business. When I saw the photos, I felt like a Pro."

Angela G. (Coatesville, PA)

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